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Kzo Ishibashi – mandolin player –

is a mandolinist-composer from Japan, won many competitions including the 2nd prize at the 2005 Osaka International Mandolinists’ Competition, the 2nd prize at the 2006 Osaka International Mandolin Composers’ Competition and the 1st prize at the 2011 CMSA(Classical Mandolin Society of America) Mandolin Competition.

Through his experiences as a concert master of Arte Mandolinistica Orchestra and a soloist in front of Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensemble, he has deepened valuable insight about not only classical music but also contemporary and experimental music. The sheet music of his compositions and arrangements have been published by @Elise and Arte Mandolinistica.

Now he is a participant of Music Under New York Program which is conducted by MTA New York City Transit. This program enabled him to extend his activities to various fields, such as the 2012 Spring Collection of Susan Cianciolo and the film project with contemporary dance.